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SMS Advertisements

As the technology of smart phone devices is evolving continuously, the advertisers are coming with various unique concepts of mobile marketing. Mobile advertisement displays the relevant demography according to the target consumers. Mobile advertisements do not mean only to adopt the banner or graphical display; rather it ranges toward a vaster range of spectrum. Short Message Service (SMS) is still the most popular and fruitful marketing strategy, which is a powerful medium of drawing consumer’s attention. Millions of dollars are being spent around the world on SMS marketing. As it is a direct marketing policy, almost all the advertising agencies have taken text message marketing as a successful marketing campaign to target the audience.

Why Text Message?

a)     It is very much cost effective. The cost is calculated according to the quantity of message. A very small company can start its campaign by counting the minimum expenditure. The cost effectiveness gives the business gives its own dimension and helps to increase the customer retention.

b)     Text message contains limited characters and that is why the advertisements usually are to the point. It is able to deliver the proper context to the users without nurturing the readers’ patience. Text message marketing strategy would display the key factor of the associated advertisement.

c)     It is not like the email spams or junk mails that would often land into the trash. SMS marketing comes directly to the target consumers and arrives quickly.

d)     The opening rates of SMS are high comparing to the rate of email. So, SMS marketing are more fruitful than email marketing. It has been surveyed that 95% consumers open the message.

e)     It is very easy to set up the campaign, as it is simple to convey the key factor in text format.

f)      Text message marketing strategy gives the easy way of keeping touch with the valuable customers.

g)     This service is the successful strategy to gather the valuable data or feedback from the customers.

h)     Last but not the least is that it is environmental friendly.

Before jumping into the text message campaigns, one should gather the phone numbers. You can buy the list of numbers from many organizations. But you should have the knowledge about the unauthorized messaging to avoid some legal penalties. Lack of proper knowledge on the laws of corporate messaging may lead to the legal hassles and would be very dangerous for business. You can make your own list through various on site campaigns, which would also help you to trace out the actual target audience.

Types of mobile advertisements

Mobile advertisement is the next name for booming the marketing world. It is worth to say that the modern technological advancements are there to give all the facilities that a desktop serves. So, people are opting for owning a smart mobile device rather than PC. Companies turn these facilities as their opportunity for launching and promoting their products. Mobile Phones or other smart devices are the great options for displaying highly adoptable advertising contents. Mobile advertisement comes with various forms. The advertisements are displayed usually the viewers are surfing over mobile internet, playing games or using mobile applications. On the other hand mobile advertisement is received a text message form.

According to the availability of the mobile devices advertisements can be divided into 2 different types- 1)On device advertisement, 2)Off device advertisement.

1)    On-device mobile advertisements

These advertisements display when the users connect to the internet. This type also divided into 5 different forms –a)Video preroll, b)TV commercial(shorten length), c)static or clickable texts d)static or graphical banners, e)graphical banner with associated links.

2)    Off-device mobile advertisements

These kind of adds reaches to the consumer without having the internet connection and whenever the users switch on their devices the advertisements enter into the device in various forms. The advertisements can be simple SMS or MMS. Sometimes it is displayed as WAP push message.

Depending upon the models mobile marketing is also divided into 4 types:-

Mobile banners: This graphical banner is placed in a web page. When the user surfs the website via mobile it displays over the web page and when the user click the banner, he is dragged into the associated advertisement page. The banner can be a small banner or full page. This facilities usually available on CPM(cost per thousand impressions).

Mobile Pay per Click: This model is similar to the previous model. In addition, this kind of ads can also be a clickable text. The advertiser uses this marketing facility in Pay per Click basis. More the visitors click on these links more the advertiser has to pay. In this model the advertiser can track how much users have visited to the placed links.

Idle screen advertisement: This is a unique process of advertising. The advertisement displays when the user is downloading something or stays on a page for a while.

Contextual Ads: This option is provided by the mobile internet search engines. The advertisers choose the position on the page for the advertisement according to the bidding price. The website displays the add according to the relevance rather than the search results.

Mobile Advertisement- smart way of publicity

This era is the era of rapid pace. More the fast a product reaches to mass; more it would get its publicity rapidly. Mobile strategy opens a new window to the world of modern marketing strategies. This newest strategy provides advertisement to the consumers of smart mobile devices. Mobile advertisement is a part of online or internet advertising but it plays in a greater field. The digital advertisement of a particular product easily enters into the pockets of maximum smart device users. As the age of digital gadgets passes by, people are bending upon to be gadget savvies. And the smart mobile devices in various forms are becoming the essential part for most of the people.

We all know the importance of this devices and almost everyone owns at least one. We take switch on these devices not only for the purpose of receiving or making calls. But the field is vaster, as we use these digital gadgets for shopping, entertainment, social connections or gathering information over internet. And that is why we often take it out from pocket to loiter our eyes over it. The advertising companies took these utilities into their account and so they have taken it as another aspiring field of advertisements. Mobile advertisement is the modern technique of grasping the notice of the consumer.

The global media industries are concerned about the rapid growth of mobile market and so, they are increasingly leaning towards the mobile phone marketing policies. Maximum of the mobile phone users are using smart phones or tabs which provide them a Wireless connectivity via internet. The advertising agencies have grasped that opportunity. The smarter the advertisement is the more it gets appreciation from the owners.

A survey, done by Berg Insight, says that in 2008 the total global mobile advertisements markets were almost €1 billion. The Berg Insight also forecasts that in 2014 the growth of this global market would cross the border line of €8.7 billion. According to the report of Opera Mediaworks the market of global mobile marketing is growing rapidly. This alternative media advertisement holds approximately 1% of total global advertising spend. But it is believed that by 2018 the mobile advertising market would alone represent one-third of total online spend. The potential of this new type of marketing policy is greater of getting back to the consumers. Various advertising intelligences think that mobile advertising is the name of that arena that invents more opportunities for the consumers, as well as for the advertisers.